Last Time Around (2000-2004)

This is the third time I've started with budgies, the first was in the Seventies as a kid and then 1999-2004 with exhibition budgerigars.

I got off to a good start the second time around, the Lacewing hen pictured right was a grandaughter of birds I obtained in 1999. Her grandparents originated from Dave Gilman (where I got the Lacewing variety from) and Geoff Tuplin. It's not really evident from the picture but she was heavily flecked and usually came second or third in the A.O.C. line up, but never first. A big girl, but she bred well and now I've started again I've managed to get one of her sons back (Nov. 2009: I've now discovered that he unfortunately he eats eggs and I've not been able to breed from him).

Alongside the Lacewings, I bred some good Cinnamons in fact it was a pretty good family, but only for producing good hens - I rarely got a good cock in this family.

The Opaline Cinnamon Cobalt (below) was the best cock I did breed (from a Carpenter cock and Tuplin hen). The picture is off him winning Best in Show at the MBA Nest Feather and Young Stock show in 2002. He became a key member of the breeding team and by 2004 he was grandfather to many of my best birds.

This Time Around - Year 1 (2009)

I've gotten off to a good start and bred a few good birds. Here's a picture of a Cinnamon Sky cock bred in July 2008, one of the very first youngsters I bred.

On the left is a picture of him as a baby. The parents were from Dave Swann, the mother of the hen being a hen I'd bred in the very last nest of the last time I packed up and was from the Cinnamon/Lacewing family. So I've got the Cinnamon line started up again but this time it's breeding good cocks as well as hens.

 Year 2 (2010)

The quality of the birds bred this year have moved on. The star bird is a Light Green cock bred from sister to the Cinnamon Sky Blue (above) paired to a Light Green from Dave Swann.

Below: The star baby.

Unfortunately, he has lost his tail and it isn't regrowing properly.

Below: Here he is moulted and spotted out at about 3 months old.

My First Colour Certificate

I've won my first C.C. this year (2010) as a second year beginner with a Dominant Pied Cinnamon Light Green cock. This was the RVCS show at Markfield getting the young bird C.C. and the Best Pied in Show, he's followed it up with two more YB C.C.s at the Trent Valley and M.B.A. shows. He's been bred from two of Dave Swann's birds, the original cock that started my Cinnamon line and a Cinnamon Pied Sky hen.

Photograph (c) 2010 M. Freakley

Best Pied in Show: RVCBS 2010

Best Dominant Pied Young Bird: RVCBS 2010

Best Dominant Pied Young Bird: Trent Valley 2010

Best Dominant Pied Young Bird: MBA 2010

Best Dominant Pied Young Bird: BS Show 2010

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