Things are picking up, but the birds have not been doing well in the nestbox. Lots of eggs, quite a lot of fertility, but many are dying a few days later and within a few days these eggs look like they were never fertile. Of the rest, most are hatching but there are some dead in shell, of the few that hatch more than normal are dying in the next couple of weeks.

Twelve youngsters bred and most are pet quality, there's only one that looks any good, a Spangle Grey Green cock. I took him to the M.B.A. Nest Feather and he came 3rd Best Beginner.

That was January and early February. Things have picked up, the fertility is still good but the eggs have stopped dying and most are hatching. I've just rung number 34, lots of pink babies only a few showing any feathers at the moment but there's a few with big feet so there's promise for the near future.