Without any expectation of winning anything, but with a chance of getting the Best Beginner YB Dominant Pied, I entered a few birds into the Specialist & Rare Variety Show. Benched the birds on Saturday morning and went home. On Sunday, I turned up and Ghalib was on the door taking money for entry and catalogue, I saw my name awards sheet and thought I'd got what I'd expected, but it was on the Colour Award sheet for YB Dominant Pied. I'd gotten my first CC. Then Ghalib said I'd actually got best Pied in Show! My Cinnamon Dominant Pied Light Green cock just though his first moult had beaten every single pied in the show (about 120 - I counted). 

Looking around, I saw a few better Dominant Pieds (don't ask me to judge him against Rec. Pieds) but they'd got faults and it appears that he'd won because he was a good pied with a good band and four good spots. It seems that varietal content matters.