The first six pairs all involve at least one bird from the Cinnamon family, in these next four pairs only one bird is from that family.
Of the four pairs, two are likely to produce good youngsters. One of the pairs is a reasonable hen from the Cinnamon family paired to Light Green from Dave Swann and is related to the hen, the other are two '09 birds from Richard Bowker (YF DF Spangle hen x Grey Green cock). The Grey Green cock is very useful looking and hopefully the hen is a relation and some good youngsters will result. Another pair will hopefully produce some useful split Lacewing cocks that will improve the Lacewings. The fourth pair is a bit of an experiment, I have some reasonable hens bred from a Alan Ramsden to Dave Swann pairing so I've paired one to a reasonable cock from the Cinnamon family to see if they might be compatible and if so then I'll have more options with the Cinnamon family when I breed again next year.