I had a good day, I stewarded for L Stanley and one of the colours he did was the Dominant Pieds, it was a Gold show so there were CCs for any age and young birds. I was happy when he put my young Dominant Pied into first place and left it there! Later after judging our colours and waiting for the other judges to finish, he said that he hadn't seen any birds that stood out except for a young Dominant Pied! Our big colour had been the Grey Greens so if my Pied stood out I was very happy, since my Pied was still to be judged for I couldn't say it was mine bird (I did later after all was done) but I did say there was a Spangle I seen that was pretty good.

As it turned out, the Grey Spangle cock bred and shown by J & C Huxley did win Best in Show. He's a very nice bird; great cap, size, shape, excellent feather quality and excellent condition. Unfortunately the show hall was so poorly lit, and I don't like using a flash, that none of the pictures I took came out in focus.

After the BiS, the other major awards were done and the young Dominant Pied he was one of three birds the judges were looking at for Best Opp. Sex Young Bird. They spent a lot of time dithering but eventually all went for a Grey cock of the Hough brothers.

Best Opp. Sex AA and Best Opp. Sex in Show was Blue hen of the Woans and Best YB in Show was a Cinnamon Grey hen of the Bowkers.

With this CC the young Pied now has 9 points, I think he needs another 3 points to make him a champion! It's the MBA area show next Saturday, maybe...